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For the wee ones


Folks often remark that Charlottetown is a little storybook city, where turning a corner is like turning a page.  Romanticizing the city comes naturally to visitors and residents alike.  A wave from the mail carrier, a nod and a hello from a smiling stranger as they hold the door for you.  It’s important to try to visualize the city through the mind of a child, as well.  What things would call to them? What fuels their imagination?

We’ve a perfect canvas to begin.  Safe, relaxed parks blanket all quadrants of the city, with open space and children’s equipment.  And more of these spaces, framed by the personality of the surrounding buildings, pepper the city.  The largest public space is found at the west end of the downtown core - Victoria Park has a pool, tennis courts, a skate park, wooded trails, an expansive collection of jungle gym equipment, plenty of space, and it’s right on the water!

(If you happen to be travelling with your pet, a popular destination for locals with dogs is Upton park at the north end of North River Rd).

Our Public Library system has its home base in the striking Confederation Centre of the Arts.  The library is wonderfully inviting to children, with a large section devoted to young and early readers, and plenty of programming to cater to them.  In the same building, the art gallery runs a popular childrens’ art program out of the Schurman Family Studio.

And, in case you weren’t already convinced that the Confed Centre (as it is lovingly referred to by locals) has it all, there are free daily noon-hour shows put on by the talented Young Company all summer long.  You may have also heard of a little red-haired orphan named Anne.  Her amazingly popular namesake musical, running for nearly half a century, plays matinees throughout the summer.

Did somebody say ice cream?  You can find the world famous Cow’s Ice Cream stores on Peake’s waterfront, on the historic corner of Queen and Grafton, and you can watch the process at the beautiful new Cow’s Factory on the North River Causeway.

That Fun Place, on Capital Drive off the North River causeway, is a perfect option to help the kids burn some energy.  With a colourful, new indoor jungle gym and playroom, you can rest while they prance and tumble to their hearts content.  On your way there, stop by Owl’s Hollow – a popular store that specializes in award winning toys and games for children, and is a huge resource for hobbiests and craftspeople.  It’s at the north end of the City, on the number 1, near the intersection of the lower Malpeque Rd.

To further stimulate their minds, book stores abound.  We are storytellers round here, afterall.  Indigo books is located on University Ave, near its intersection with Belvedere Ave.  Downtown, within walking distance, you can visit the Book Emporium, the Bookman, and Bookmark.  All along Queen St, between the intersections of Grafton and Kent.

To keep those bodies growing strong, the Cari-complex at the University of UPEI, has an extensive facility with an enormous pool that caters to athletes and adventurous children alike.  A reasonable day pass at $7 for an adult, and $4.25 for children, other packages are available if you plan to revisit.  You may wish to check their online schedule to make sure the popular pool is available.

The Cari-complex also features family skates during the winter.  Simmons rink on North River Rd, and the Cody Banks Arena in Sherwood also host weekly skates open to the public.

The Murphy Rec Centre on Richmond St, near Province House features a full bowling alley downstairs.  They have a well-appointed Gymnasium and offer Children’s Camps during the summer.

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