Explore our neighbourhoods through the eyes of a local


As you fly overhead, you'll notice the serene, old world layout of Downtown Charlottetown, with newer main arteries of services and residential areas emanating outward.  Or perhaps you were welcomed into our harbor by boat.  The soft, distinct skyline caught your eye.  Notice the lush trees sharing space with the elegantly restored historic buildings.  To get a real sense of the varied neighborhoods - the people that infuse this culturally rich hub with personality - we suggest you take a stroll through our neighborhoods.

Our downtown is a colorful mix of small business, restaurants, offices, striking modern buildings, and thoughtfully designed heritage properties.  Though there is a pleasant bustle of citizens living in the core, let's leisurely make our way around the more residential neighborhoods that surround.

Follow Pownal St north just across Euston St where it becomes Springpark Rd, and you'll notice a fun mix of modest and quaint houses.  Charming, colourful abodes tucked together, this area was originally a working class suburb of the main core, built around and on top of an in-filled lagoon.  Now a popular hub for young couples, and modern urbanites, with a prominent community garden, a real sense of community, and corner stores peppered about.  Poke your head left (westward) down Churchill, take a right on Peake St, and another on Victoria to find yourself back at the distinct triangular intersection.

From this Y intersection, you have a choice of sauntering westward on Highland St or Green St.  From either, take a left down Ambrose or Greenfield and follow until Villa Ave.  Turn right, and we’re going to cross a major artery into the city.  Look longingly both ways on North River Rd, and note the generous, proud houses.  Now carefully cross to continue along York Ln.  Peek down Century Terrace, and say hello to Norman at the Brighton Clover Farm, a local favourite for middle eastern groceries, general sundries, and pleasant chats.  Follow Century Terrace south to Brighton Rd, and turn right.  Larger family homes and properties overlooking the park greet you with a classic, but unique feel.  This area is marked by an influx of people around the middle of the 20th century on what was originally farmland.  The houses offer a variety of architectural styles, beautifully landscaped properties, and are well treed. 

Turn right and head north Goodwill Ave.  Feel free to weave and wander.  For a nice variety of houses and treed shade, continue until Prince Charles Dr, where you’ll turn left and wend your way back to York Ln.  A quick right and left on York Ln, and you’ll see the boardwalk at the base of Queen Elizabeth Dr. 

Slowly saunter through the gorgeous Victoria Park - a popular site for festivals, tennis, baseball, skateboarding, and any other rejuvenating activity.  You'll see a boardwalk just across the bike and car lanes.  Turn left and continue until the government buildings on the corner of Kent and West St.  These large, bold buildings offer a striking backdrop to cultivated parks, and more delicate, ornate housing.

West End
Walk (south) down West St, beginning with the large Italianate house on your right, the Historic Beaconsfield.  The west end comprises grand century homes, many from the prosperous shipbuilding era, and luxurious B&Bs.  Soak in the generous, exquisitely crafted houses and the priceless view.  You can veer left at any point, but perhaps we'll take Richmond St. at the very end.

Stay on Richmond for a cross downtown hike (about 5 to 6 blocks), and you'll pass perhaps the most eclectic string of buildings in the City, from the Guild to the Confederation Centre, the photo-ready Victoria Row, Churches, and hip apartment buildings.

Follow Richmond St to Hillsborough St, and Turn right (heading north).

East End
At Hillsborough Square continue to zig and zag north and east.  Currently undergoing a rejuvenation, the East end is a mixture of well-maintained century homes which evoke the prosperous past, cute multi-unit buildings, and fun modest homes.  Anchored by the beautifully renovated Holland College Campus, this lively area is home to young families, students, retired couples, and newly immigrated families.  .  A new concert site has been constructed just at the foot of the Hillsborough Bridge.  You can also hop onto the Confederation Trail from here.  To find your way back into the downtown, take Fitzroy St westward.  Between Hillsborough St. and Prince St, you’ll encounter to of our most impressive and enchanting B&Bs – the Fairholm Inn and the Hillhurst.  Look north on Prince St., and you’ll see remarkable, ornate houses standing as they did a century ago.  Continue straight or turn left (south) to find the centre of downtown.

Enjoy veering off course for a while.   Our streets are safe and friendly.  Just remember that the water is to the South and West of you, and don’t be shy about asking directions.

At a leisurely pace, you can weave through these neighbourhoods over the course of about half a day, but feel free to let yourself be distracted for longer! 

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