Fill your belly, warm your heart...

Where to begin.  Charlottetown is increasingly being hailed, internationally, as a foodie haven.  It begins with our land and sea.  World famous shellfish, lobster, mussels, oysters, and fish are harvested from our salty waters.  That colourful grid of farms that quilts our rolling hills gives us a rich variety of vegetables (including the oft-mused potato), mouthwatering beef and pork, and delectable dairy.

Our restaurateurs are proud to incorporate local choices into their menus.  From fine dining to charming pubs, modern lunch counters to cozy tea houses, the bounty of our traditional fisheries and agriculture meet the passion and creativity of our many fine chefs.

At the foot of University Avenue, you have your pick of trendy coffee shops - Timothy's, Starbucks, and David's Tea.  Beanz is a well-established local favorite, and the graceful decor and delicious menu at Leonhard's makes it a must.  Just a quick hop away, you can experience the urban feel of Casa Mia on Queen St., homemade Turkish flavors at Handan's on Kent St., and the hip, rootsy Young Folk & the Kettle Black down on Water St.

A rather large movement of Lebanese families to Charlottetown beginning in the mid-twentieth century has gifted us with some of the finest Lebanese cuisine to be found anywhere - Cedar's Eatery and Shaddy's on University Avenue, and Downtown Deli along Grafton St. will make your mouth water.

Urban Eatery, a trendy food court upstairs in the Shops of Confederation Centre is a popular lunch destination for many in the downtown core.

For finer dining, try the award winning Lot 30 on Kent St., Daniel-Brenan Brickhouse on Sydney, Sirenella Ristorante on Water St. for authentic Italian, Sim's Steakhouse on Queen St. or the Pilot House on Grafton.

If you want to hobnob at pubs buzzing with locals after work is done, Gahan House brews award winning beer, people count down the days until the Wednesday curry special at Churchill Arms, and line ups aren’t uncommon to catch traditional tunes at Old Triangle and Olde Dublin Pub.

On the historic Victoria Row, you could close your eyes and pull up a chair anywhere: Restaurante Diem, Globe World Flavours, Fishbones, Castello's.  Now open the up, and you’ll swear your in the old world.

For the hearty eaters, try Hunter's Ale House or its neighbour , the Factory Cookhouse and Dancehall, both on Kent St.  Across the street is the home of Famous Peppers, touted by Chef Michael Smith as the best pizza to be found.

There’s a reason our Burger Love campaign received national praise.  Starting as an initiative to promote quality, local beef, the friendly competition found our many diversely gifted chefs one-upping each other with wildly imaginative meals.  Though most every restaurant has its own fun spin on the tried and true burger, three restaurants specialize: Big Orange Lunchbox on university Avenue, Relish almost kittycorner to it, and Boomburger out at the North River Causeway.  How much of a food paradise are we?  Well using the metric of burgers, we have three, count ‘em, three restaurants that specialize in gourmet burgers.

Many asian tea houses and sushi shops have been established recently and celebrated in the community, adding such welcome variety to our palette. They offer specialty menus, distinct environments, and welcoming staff.  Sushi Jeju on Grafton, near Holland College greets you with a charming host/chef, Mr Sushi on University near Province House, Tai Chi Gardens has a serene graden outside, and an blissfully peaceful environment inside.  Ta-Ke Sushi has a hip, urban feel, and super lunch specials.  For take out, try the Thai Food on Kent St.

Hungry yet?

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