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The Art of Burger Loving

By Shannon Courtney

Photo by Stephen Harris

April used to simply be the month that followed March, promising little more than showers and, depending on the year, a visit from the Easter bunny. And in most places, showers and Easter bunnies are still April's biggest claims to fame. Except, of course, on a tiny island in Eastern Canada, where April's beefed up its profile big time. MORE >>


Top 9 Rainy Day Activities in Charlottetown

‘Cause there’s so much to love about Charlottetown, even in the rain!
By Ellen Egan

Photo by Marsha Gallant

Worried about a little bit of rain putting a damper on your vacation plans? Fear not! There are plenty of fun indoor activities throughout Charlottetown to keep the whole gang entertained all the livelong day. MORE >>


12 Events Not to Miss This Winter in Charlottetown

Plenty of laughs, activities, and entertainment to boost your spirits throughout February and March
By Ellen Egan

Photo by Jared Doyle

BREAK OUT THE CALENDAR. Because there's a whole lot of awesome events packed into the months of February and March in Charlottetown. From comedy festivals and album release shows to contemporary art exhibits and outdoor yoga sessions, Charlottetown is THE place to be this winter. MORE >>


Top 6 Cozy Ways to Embrace Winter in Charlottetown

Catching Big City Vibes in Our Itty-Bitty Town
By Ellen Egan

Photo by Jared Doyle

SO IT'S WINTER (in case you're still coming to terms with that one). And while I know it's super tempting to cuddle under a duvet and hibernate until Prince Edward Island defrosts in the spring, I'm a big proponent of making the most out of all seasons on our wee Island. MORE >>


Ringing in the New Year in Charlottetown

The new year is upon us and whether you love the idea of dressing up to the nines and kicking it off with a big shindig or taking a more laid-back, leisurely approach to the festivities, Charlottetown is the place to be. MORE >>


Brewin' It Up - Get Your Caffeine & Craft Beer Fix in Charlottetown

By Shannon Courtney

Whether your preferred brews are of the java or hops varietal (or both!), Charlottetown's burgeoning cafe culture and craft brewing scene have got you covered. Check out these unique gems that'll 'fill yer boots' as they say on PEI. MORE >>


How to “Art in the Open”

By Pan Wendt, Co-curator, Art in the Open

Art in the Open is now in its 6th year! Charlottetown residents and visitors are invited to experience, for free, over 30 art projects throughout the downtown core during Art in the Open's main event, Saturday, August 27th, from 4:00 pm to midnight.MORE >>


Top 10 Make-Out Zones In and Around Charlottetown

By Ellen Egan, Mikey Wasnidge and Al Douglas

Photo: Mikey Wasnidge Photo: Mikey Wasnidge

IT'S NOT SURPRISING that with all the oysters, sunsets and good vibes going down in Prince Edward Island, things tend to get a bit heated in the romance department. But what happens when you're out and about, and that hotel room is just too far away? MORE >>


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