Have fun and stay active this winter!

Making the most of winter involves taking advantage of all the unique experiences it has to offer! Having fun and staying active during these months is important for our health and well-being. Some winter fun activities include:

 - Build a snow fort: Invite some friends over and construct the igloo of your childhood dreams.

 - Shoveling: Although this is not really optional, when done properly it is good exercise. Have a good stretch before you begin and protect your back by lifting with your legs and keeping your core engaged. Don't over-do it- adjust your shovel load size if the snow is wet, and take frequent breaks. If you're on a roll, be a snow angel and help your neighbor shovel too. It'll make you feel good and maybe next time they'll return the favor.

 - Build a snowman: Heck, build a snow family! Have fun with this one, dress them up in the likeness of friends and family.

 - Go sledding: A classic winter-pastime that doesn't get old. Best of all, it counts as exercise! What is more of a workout than walking back up the hill with your toboggan in tow?

There are plenty of ways to balance out our inclination to hibernate in these colder months of the year. Getting cozy inside is all that much better when it follows an outdoor excursion. Happy Winter, everyone!

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