Charlottetown Artwalk

The first meeting leading to the formation of Canada took place in Charlottetown in 1864. Residents of the City are very proud of the role we have played in our nation’s history. We take pride too, in our culturally diverse and creative community and enjoy celebrating our performance, visual and culinary arts throughout the year. In 2011, the federal government designated Charlottetown a “Cultural Capital of Canada” in recognition of its achievements and ongoing commitment to arts and culture. The City’s growing public art collection adds to the richness and colour of our streetscapes. Vibrant and engaging, the pieces balance both the historic and contemporary nature of the City while providing contemplation, discussion and inspiration to citizens and visitors alike. Focused on the waterfront and downtown core, this self-guided ARTWALK tour can be enjoyed at your own time and pace and can begin at any point indicated on the map. Enjoy your journey through the streets of Charlottetown!