Revivify: Immersive Sensory Art Experience

Downstreet Dance Studio 101 Grafton Street Charlottetown, PE

Revivify, a 2-day festival, celebrates the human experience through immersive sensory art. Revivify will take place at the Downstreet Dance Studio on July 8-9, 2023. The festival, centered around the concept of revival and giving new life, aims to provide attendees with a space to unplug, recharge, and cultivate mindfulness and rejuvenation.

Through a carefully curated program of activities, including breathwork, storytelling, meditation, dance, flow, art installations, and live performances. The festival encourages participants to embrace the present moment, fostering well-being and personal growth. With a commitment to inclusivity and community engagement, Revivify invites individuals of all ages and backgrounds to embark on a transformative journey.


Revivify is a free event, complimentary food will be provided to enhance the overall experience.