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Your Best Bet for Brunch in Charlottetown

Blueberry pancakes, crispy bacon, and eggs benny galore! Breakfast is the most important (and tastiest) meal of the day. Check out some of our favourite spots in Charlottetown to grab a bite of breakfast/brunch, guaranteed to meet all of your wildest cravings and start your day off right.

All-Day Breakfast

Fluffy pancakes and crispy bacon for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Count us in! Enjoy your favourite breakfast dish at any time of the day with the lovely locations listed below.

Leonhard’s Cafe

With a naturally delicious menu, Leonhard’s Cafe takes pride in their food- made daily from scratch. Pop in to their quaint and welcoming environment for the breakfast of your dreams.

Pro tip: We highly recommend the eggs benny, as it is surely a fan favourite around our office.

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Brunch & Breakfast Spots 12 Photo Credit: Axel Leonhard

The Kettle Black Cafe

Speciality coffee, fresh food, all day brunch, great atmosphere… must we go on? Pop in to the Kettle Black’s cozy little cafe for a bite to eat (accompanied by a fresh cup of house roasted beans) any time of the day!

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Receiver Coffee Co. – Milky Way, Brass Shop, Vic Row

Visit Receiver Coffee Co. for some of Prince Edward Island’s best, freshly baked pastries. Soak in the good vibes this cafe radiates, and discover their creative take on breakfast and brunch staples.

Four locations: Victoria Row, The Brass Shop, The Milky Way, Founder’s Food Hall

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“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so eat it ALL DAY!” Check out Smitty’s Family Restaurant for a classic dish of your favourite hot breakfast, anytime.

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Maid Marian’s

A classic stop-in for Islanders. Enjoy all-things breakfast, and experience the welcoming, old-fashioned atmosphere that Maid Marian’s has to offer. They also have a patio now, too!

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Your Best Bet for Brunch in Charlottetown 8

Timothy’s World Coffee

Cozy up to a light breakfast and hot cup of delicious coffee in the haven that Timothy’s has created for themselves. Discover an abundance of coffee, great food & open-minded people.

Pro tip: Try out the breakfast bagel for a quick pick-me-up. It’s another go-to here at the office 😉

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Linda’s Coffee Shop

Tucked in to a little shop on Queen Street, Linda’s is a family owned business popular for its welcoming atmosphere, friendly service, and delicious classic-style breakfast dishes.

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The Old Triangle

Step into the Celtic heart of the Maritimes at The Old Triangle Irish Alehouse! Enjoy all-day breakfast, along with brunch Saturdays & Sundays from 11-2.

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The Old Triangle 1

Weekday & Weekend Breakfast & Brunch

Start off your day with a delicious dish of all things breakfast & brunch – whether it be during a busy work week, or a laid-back weekend. Check in during the time periods listed beside each location and enjoy the most important meal of the day.

The Brickhouse – Sat & Sun 10AM – 4PM

Experience a unique culinary experience at The Brickhouse with an atmosphere that brings the kitchen to the forefront. Settle into the cozy atmosphere and dig in to some fresh blueberry pancakes- or whatever you may prefer to start off your weekend right.

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Casa Mia Cafe – Daily until 3PM

Located in the heart of Charlottetown, Casa Mia Cafe serves an abundance of breakfast foods and bottoless coffee, and they never disappoint. Still hungry? Don’t hesitate to try out one of the cafe’s delicious desserts – a sweet ending!

Visiting during the summer months? Be sure to check out the cafe’s new seasonal location in Victoria, Casa Mia By The Sea.

Dining Al Fresco: The Best Outdoor Patios in Charlottetown 69
Dining Al Fresco: The Best Outdoor Patios in Charlottetown 71
Dining Al Fresco: The Best Outdoor Patios in Charlottetown 70

Trailside Music Hall

Everyone’s favourite live music venue The Trailside Music Hall hosts the occasional brunch and a performance. From Drag Shows to intimate Bluegrass jams, be sure to follow them on Instagram to stay up to date and you just might be lucky enough to experience one!

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Salt & Sol – Sunday 10am – 2pm

Please take note – Salt & Sol is a seasonal restaurant, only open during the summer months (May – October). Use this info as an excuse to visit Charlottetown next summer!

Enjoy your Sunday brunch at Salt & Sol with a picturesque view of the Charlottetown Harbour! With unique and delicious takes on their dishes, the atmosphere is designed with your experience and enjoyment in mind.


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Bar1911 Beer + Coffee – Daily until 2PM

Plug in or unplug while enjoying a meal and/or favourite drink in the cozy atmosphere of Bar1911. Located at the bottom level of the old jailhouse in Charlottetown, we consider this cafe a hidden gem. Stop in for some breakfast, and you’ll be sure to return.

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Slaymaker & Nichols Gastro House – Sat & Sun 9am – 4pm

Simple, fresh, and local ingredients create Slaymaker & Nichols’ menu, packed with flavour. Feel the upbeat, trendy, and cozy vibes radiating upon entrance of this beautiful building.

This property also features a boutique three-bedroom Inn. Considering a stay in Charlottetown? This accommodation is 100% worth looking into.

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Hunter’s at the Fox – Sat & Sun 9am – 1pm

Round of golf, anyone? After building up an appetite on the Fox Meadow golf course, check in to Hunter’s at the Fox. Nestled into the clubhouse of the course, their menu consists of “the greatest hits” from Charlottetown restaurants John Brown Grille and Hunter’s Corner.

Pro Tip: Their mimosas are only $5 Saturdays & Sundays!

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Sam’s Family Restaurant – Mon – Fri until 11AM, Sat & Sun until 1PM

Another classic for us locals. With a casual and low-key atmosphere, visit Sam’s for your favourite breakfast comfort dish.

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Redwater Rustic Grille – Monday – Friday until 11AM, Sat & Sun until 2:30PM

Located alongside the Holman Grand Hotel, Redwater Rustic Grille serves delicious dishes, sure to meet all of your breakfast needs. And for the not-so-early risers, enjoy brunch until 2:30PM on the weekends.
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The Pilot House – Sat & Sun 11:30AM – 2PM

A casual fine dining experience in one of Charlottetown’s beautiful heritage buildings, The Pilot House offers warm hospitality and unique meals. Check them out for the most important meal of the day!

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Water’s Edge Resto Bar & Grill – Daily until 10:30AM

This one is more suitable for the early risers, and is guaranteed to be worth breaking the slumber! Start your day on the right foot with an elevated atmosphere and tasty breakfast of your desire at Water’s Edge, located alongside the Delta Hotel.

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Your Best Bet for Brunch in Charlottetown

And that’s a wrap. Bring on the ‘brekky’!

Looking for a place to stay? Check out our amazing selection of accommodations. Curious what else to do around Charlottetown? Don’t miss a beat over on our events page. And for everything else you need to know about Charlottetown, go to our “Need to Know” page!

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