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The Charlottetown Advantage

The Charlottetown Advantage

With every event, big or small, Charlottetown is always focused on serving the needs of participating teams, officials, provincial and national governing sport bodies, and the fans. While there is much we have to gain as a host destination, there is so much we have to offer. Great things happen in our city!

Charlottetown has a reputation as a successful sport hosting destination. This reputation is the result of a level of experience that can only be gained from hosting as many regional, national, and international events as Charlottetown has. Our experience as a multi-national award-winning sport tourism destination shines through with every event.


Charlottetown is proud to benefit from a significant number and variety of sport venues. More important is the quality and standard at which these venues are maintained. Many venues meet national, university, and college standards as they are home to college, university, and National Basketball and Canadian Hockey League teams.


As the capital city of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown is the hub of the government, corporate, and advanced learning sectors. As a result, there is strong affinity from various levels of government and from private business to invest in sport tourism – both financially and in-kind.

Community Endorsement

With a greater area population of 80,000 – over 50% of the total provincial population – Charlottetonians are proud of their city and its national reputation as an award-winning sport tourism destination! It’s apparent every time Charlottetown hosts an event. As we like to say, an event isn’t just hosted in our city, it becomes part of our city. Residents show an overwhelming interest through their community endorsement, volunteerism, and spectatorship.

Desirable Destination

Charlottetown is a natural tourism destination, welcoming over one million visitors every year. This city knows how to open its doors and welcome the world! In recent years, Charlottetown has become specifically known and recognized for its expertise in sport and culinary tourism. Our city is the Island’s culinary heart… be sure to pack your appetite! At the end of the day, rest assured, everything will be taken care of at one of our many award-winning accommodations.


Charlottetown is home to a full complement of radio, television, and print outlets with provincial and regional reach. More importantly, Charlottetown benefits from a close working relationship with each individual media outlet, allowing for strong media support of major events, especially sport.