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It’s more important than ever to do our part to preserve this beautiful place we call home. While we’ve been a place that recycles and composts for many years now, there is always more we can do. Here are 12 ways to help make more eco‑friendly choices during your trip to the heart of PEI.

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Lots of our heritage homes in the downtown core have been carefully restored and revived to their original glory. Take a self-guided walking tour of the downtown area and grow a deeper sense of appreciation for these perfectly preserved properties. Bonus points when eco‑friendly materials are used!

We have many wonderful second‑hand books stores, all on the same block on Queen Street in Charlottetown. Enjoy flipping through previously loved editions and spend the day getting lost with your favourite characters.


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Slaymaker & Nichols Gastro House Slaymaker & Nichols Gastro House

Hotels like the Great George and the Hotel on Pownal are committed to doing their part for our environment. Guests can “go green” and forego their housekeeping service at any time during their stay. In exchange, they receive a $10 gift certificate that’s valid at any of the 11 Murphy Hospitality Group locations.

Stop by Rosewood Refillery, Charlottetown’s go-to shopping experience for a conscious, low waste lifestyle. Located on Kent St in downtown Charlottetown, check out their ever-growing selection of small batch, locally made products, Canadian-based refill options, and low-waste essentials that are natural, non-toxic, and sustainable. In addition to locally sourced products, produce and other goods, Kent Street Market also offers a wide array of eco-friendly personal, household, and other products in their airy space onyou guessed itKent Street.

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It’s always fun to dive into a carefully curated vintage shop. Green Eye Designs on Victoria Row has a wonderful selection of vintage pieces, along with lots of locally‑made accessories, home decor items and body products. Looking for sustainable fashion? Look no further than Swenn in the Confederation Court Mall.

With a downtown core that was originally designed to be walkable, it’s super easy to get around to all your favourite locations using only two feet and a heartbeat. Your body and Mother Earth will both thank you!

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12 Ways To Embrace Sustainability in Charlottetown 1 Fairholm Boutique Hotel

Founders’ Food Hall & Market has everything you need under one roof. From gourmet sandwiches to wood‑fired pizza, you don’t have to travel far to shop local and have a fun time doing it! Another gem for local goodies is Kent Street Market, carrying the freshest produce, locally baked goodness, and much more. Nothing screams local love like a good ol’ farmer’s market. Check out the Charlottetown Farmers’ Market every Saturday (year-round) and Wednesday (summer months) or the Downtown Farmers’ Market every Sunday on Queen Street during the summer months.

Charlottetown is full of trails and green spaces that make adventuring in nature convenient, inspiring and refreshing. Need a starting point? Check out Confederation Landing Park (2 Great George St), a 6-acre green space nestled along Charlottetown’s waterfront. Or head to Victoria Park, just steps from the heart of the downtown core, which is the city’s crown jewel of green spaces and an idyllic 40-acre place to relax in the grass or work up a sweat.

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If you do your best to be mindful of choosing more eco‑friendly practices, be sure to pass them on to your children! They are like little sponges, after all, and our planet will someday be theirs to care for.

Do you love grabbing a coffee in the morning? One simple step you can do is to bring your own reusable coffee mug to your favourite coffee shop! Grabbing take-out? Bring your own utensils! It’s a win‑win for everyone involved.

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Biking in Charlottetown is not only a fun time, it slows down your experience and allows you to visit places you might not see in a vehicle. Many of our locals are choosing to bike to work now rather than drive, so it’s becoming more of a bike‑friendly place each day. Head to Rising Tide and experience the thrill of zipping around on an electric bike. Rent a bike at FunWheels at Founders’ Hall and cruise the city on two (or four) wheels, or visit Outer Limits Sports or MacQueen’s Bike Shop for a daily rental. Make it a party with Ride Solar, a solar-powered Party Bike, offering a unique food & beverage tour experience. Take it to the ocean with Ride Solar Harbour Cruise or Sol Paddle Tavern for an eco-friendly thrill. Epic Electric Scooters can also be found on almost every street corner downtown and are a super fun way to cruise around the city.

A day trip beyond the city centre means driving no more than 25‑45 minutes along any one of our charming coastal drives. These drives are not only easy on your gas mileage, but they offer some of the most awe‑inspiring landscapes and are definitely worth the visit.

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And there you have it- we’re seeing green! This season, discover endless ways to enjoy our little city with a conscious and appreciative mindset. Earth appreciates you back!

Need a place to stay? Check out our amazing selection of accommodations. Curious about what else to do around Charlottetown? Don’t miss a beat over on our events page.

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