Official Art In The Open PDF Guide

This free, annual summer event highlights Charlottetown’s vibrant arts scene, its downtown heritage spaces, its exhibition venues, and its diverse cultural traditions by turning the downtown core into an open-air gallery.

It takes place in historic downtown Charlottetown with focal points at Victoria Park, the Confederation Centre of the Arts, Victoria Row, Rochford Square, and Connaught Square. Don’t miss the most magical day of the year from 4pm-midnight on Saturday, August 28th!

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Free to the public and family-friendly, this unique and annual event transforms the historic downtown into an open-air art gallery that celebrates the heritage and green spaces of the city with ephemeral works of visual art, including installations, screenings, projections, performance art, dance and more.

You’re encouraged to explore the spaces, ask questions and engage with the diverse, the unusual and the stunning. This year, focal points are at Victoria Park, The Confederation Centre of The Arts, Victoria Row, Rockford Square, and Connaught Square.

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Because of health and safety guidelines this year, it is important and encouraged to follow social distancing advisories as well.

Art in the Open takes place August 28, 2021 from 4:00pm to midnight!