Ice City Art Installations

Friday, February 4, 2022 - Sunday, March 6, 2022
Charlottetown, PE

Explore & enjoy public art around town during Jack Frost presents Ice City (Feb 4 – Mar 6) with the following installations…

‘Herd Community’ by Kelly Caseley, Pat Caron and Pat Brunet
Location: Confed Plaza and Founders’ Hall
Herd of Wooden Cariboo // The shy woodland Cariboo descend from the North in search of winter feeding grounds; encouraged by the quiet deserted streets. Taking agency while on the brink of their own existential reckoning.

‘No Two the Same’ by Brandon Hood, Pat Caron and Pat Brunet
Location: Founders’ Hall, Queen St., Kent St., Great George St., Grafton.
Photo Installation // Snowflakes all follow slightly different paths from the sky to the ground. Along their way, they encounter unique pressures and influences that make no two the same. Cut by hand with accidental joys, this creative project reminds us of the unique folds and turns in life that form who we are. Sometimes what is cut away is integral to the whole.

‘Winter Luminary’
by Pat Caron and Pat Brunet
Location(s): TBD
6 Wood Lanterns // The lantern is an age-old invention. It protects the source of light so that it may burn longer. They cast patterns to entrance us through the darker months.

Art installations sponsored by Kent Building Supplies