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While there are plenty of ways to explore Charlottetown—by bicycle, scooter, or even by horse & carriage ride—there’s something to be said about exploring it on foot more leisurely. And with a historic downtown layout designed for walking, homes painted every colour of the rainbow, and reimagined spaces designed with impeccable taste, such adventuring is inspiring and full of awe.

Read on for why you’ll want to explore all of Charlottetown’s nooks and crannies on foot…

Discover a Walker's Paradise: Charlottetown, PEI 10 St. Dunstan's Basilica

To get a real sense of the varied neighbourhoods and people that infuse this culturally-rich hub with personality, set aside some time to stroll along the side streets east and west of the main core. You’ll find yourself admiring thoughtfully preserved heritage buildings, impressively landscaped green spaces, and gorgeous Georgian and Victorian-inspired abodes of all sizes and colours.

Spring in Charlottetown 29 Beaconsfield Historic Home
23 Reasons to Visit Charlottetown in 2023 10 Prince Street
Top 10 Things To Do In Charlottetown This Summer 33 Confederation Landing

In the downtown core, you’ll often find yourself stopping to read menus posted outside restaurants, gazing at boutique window displays, and taking in the contrasting sights of modern architecture, historic red brick buildings, and colourful seaside homes. There is also a pleasant bustle of friendly citizens living in the core, adding to the character and energy of the city.

Discover a Walker's Paradise: Charlottetown, PEI 11 Great George Hotel
Home 31 Charlottetown Marina
Discover a Walker's Paradise: Charlottetown, PEI 12 Victoria Row

If time permits, wind your way through West Street and onto Victoria Park, where the boardwalk skirts along the Charlottetown Harbour, and continue west on Queen Elizabeth Drive. This marks the entry to Olde Brighton, a beloved neighbourhood filled with impressive homes, like Beaconsfield Historic House (2 Kent St) and Fanningbank Government House (1 Terry Fox Dr), soothing water views, tree-lined streets, and the only lighthouse in Charlottetown.

Discover a Walker's Paradise: Charlottetown, PEI 14 Victoria Park Boardwalk
Discover a Walker's Paradise: Charlottetown, PEI 13 Fanningbank Government House
Discover a Walker's Paradise: Charlottetown, PEI 15 Brighton Lighthouse

If you want to venture a bit further, continue due east from downtown until you reach the Confederation Trail intersecting with Kensington Road or Longworth Avenue. Then head north to explore the city’s midtown and uptown via this easy walking path. Along the way, you’ll find gems like bar1911, Red Island Cider, Upstreet Craft Brewing, the Charlottetown Farmers’ Market and, eventually, Royalty Crossing.

Red Island Cider 4 Red Island Cider
Charlottetown Farmers Market 3 The Charlottetown Farmers' Market

And there you have it! Lace up your walking shoes and embark on a journey that promises inspiring beauty and a deeper connection to the heart of Prince Edward Island.

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